Our soulful, super personal approach to PR happens in dialogue with our ever-growing list of digital services, created to keep the brands under us, high-tech and current.


We see social media and the digital world as a great opportunity for amplifying and strengthening the brand voice, and we have a careful approach to how we handle the big (and sometimes intimidating) world of the internet.


digital services

To create and build a ‘signature’ online brand experience through content and design to increase the visibility of the brand on Instagram and Facebook via:


  • Conceptualisation of visual storytelling and brand strategy on social media

  • Ideation and content creation in the form of copy, imagery, and design

  • Making of a social media calendar

  • Execution of content on the handles as per calendar made + regrams of relevant content

  • Graphic design support (for social media collaterals)

  • Manage advertising expenses (as per client’s budget; if any)

  • Building of campaigns to support marketing

  • Tying in PR with social media - reposting coverage, influencer posts and more