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Mehfooz: A Sanctuary Through The Ages

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Roots of stories run deep, and they intersect, sometimes, in unexpected ways. If you listen closely enough, it is possible to find parallels and to fashion a new narrative. This was the journey that led to the creation of a campaign that is as much a reflection of the zeitgeist as of history.  - Mehfooz, for Ekaya 

As a brand, Ekaya has used its lineage and knowledge of the historical Banarasi weave to interpret for a contemporary market, losing none of the legacy while bringing in a modern sensibility.

And as Ekaya brings together Chikankari and Banarasi in its newest story, Mehfooz, we helped craft a campaign that ties an old inspiration with a new conversation. The women of the Urdu intelligentsia lived cloistered lives; their boundaries were drawn by others; what was not permissible ran a longer list than what was. And yet, within all of these rules, they found a way to stay alive intellectually, to remain fiercely opinionated, to celebrate the power of the female ambition and imagination, and to encourage one another to do the same. They redefined what it meant to be in control of your life, by taking charge of what was always available to them - the power of a private moment. The strength and potential of a thoughtful pause.

Today, as women are fighting to reclaim their voices, rights and place in the world, mehfooz is more relevant than ever. The campaign, therefore, brought together women who embody the spirit of Ekaya, and encouraged them to talk about the moments in which they experience Mehfooz. 

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