Birth: August 1 1993

Rebirth: August 1 2018



At ‘longform' we celebrate the power of imagination.


Of incredibly talented storytellers who bring to life diverse forms of creative expression. We want to enable the sharing of the magic inside their minds - to translate for the outer world their inner creative journey, whatever physical manifestation it takes.


As Art. Architecture. Beauty. Culture. Cinema. Craftsmanship. Design. Food. Fashion. Luxury. Literature. Music.

Photography. Wanderlust. Wellness. 


We believe in translating the good life into a lived experience, imbuing it with a palpable, intelligent quality. By becoming a part of the storyteller’s world, we take a deep dive to discover their story, distill it, communicate it. To join them in shaping the ecosystem around them in harmony with their vision.


‘longform', founded by Neeta Raheja and Pareina Thapar, is a way of seeing. Of being. Of enabling.


We have a seat at the think tank table of our clients. We enjoy being the bridge that helps connect the dots. Using Social Media and Public Relations as the jumping-off point; we make connections between businesses and consumers, ideas and products, companies and cultures.


Our team works intimately with partners to provide not just a superior public relations practice for Indian and international brands, but also construct the platforms they need to thrive in a rapidly changing, high-tech world. 


We have been working in the "universe of good living" since 25 years as VTY. We will now, as Longform, continue to hone our skills every day and each day brings new possibilities to explore, grow, partner, experiment and use our experience.

All at the same time. 


In the brick-and-mortar world, we are headquartered in New Delhi, India with demonstrated ability to seed and develop our networks

wherever needed. 


We’re able to learn something new every day. We’re able to share what we know every day. And so it feels like yesterday. 

That's the way it should be, isn't it?






Noting or relating to journalistic content or a genre of journalism

characterized by stories or essays that are several thousand words long,

typically combining factual reporting with a narrative and empathetic style:

A longform article can illuminate and humanize your subject.



Journalistic or other media content so characterized:

I've started writing more long-form on my blog.