A few of the many moments from the 1st of August, the birth date of Longform - VTY 2.0. When we looked at the people who came to celebrate with us, we had such a good time reminiscing the feeling of warmth and laughter, intimacy and vibrant spirits. The intermingling of familiar faces and introductions of the new.  We realised once again, what a privilege it is to be surrounded by this world of entrepreneurs, artistic minds, and story tellers. To have a chance to know the inner world of beauty of creators. There's a camera that whirls inside each one of us and this is an industry full of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs who shape culture and ecosystems. Of journalists who capture the narrative. We feel happy to know that we are going to continue this #LongformLife with all of you and many more who joined us in spirit. When we’ll look back and see the album of memories created, we will always see the faces of those who have and continue to shape Indian culture, its craft and it's medley of ingredients. And it feels amazing to be in that same room. That’s what we call a vibe. A quality vibe. 

Thank you, everyone, for joining us to celebrate change, our new identity. We promise the soul remains the same.

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