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Ekaya Unplugged

It has been said that art imitates life. We appreciate the truth in this in so many ways now; as we observe grounded resilience in the midst of chaos, kindness shining through where there is neglect, and frontline direction where there is disorganization.

‘Ekaya Unplugged’ is an initiative to celebrate the different facets of art and beauty, captured in the very elements in the name, ‘EKAYA.’ It is an ode to the soulful joys of life, that helps keep the hope of a better and brighter tomorrow alive.

E - Ehsaas (Emotion)

K - Kalpana (Imagination)

A - Aalap (Rhythm)

Y - Yog (Union)

A - Aakriti (Formation)

Truly, art in all its forms is a calling that asks for courage; for the beauty breaks through when the artist is willing to bare his or her soul. Therefore, as part of this campaign, we invited artists to interpret these elemental facets of art and beauty, and inspire the audience with what inspires them.

Actor Vidusshi Mehra described how the Ehsaas, or the Emotion of love is the ultimate cure, through an excerpt from her favourite movie.

Poet and Writer Kakul Gautam narrated a poem written by her, on the delicate beauty that flows from the Divine Imagination, or Kalpana.

Singer, composer and activist Rene Singh’s rendition reminded us that the soul dances to its own Rhythm, or Aalap. In flowing with it, we immerse ourselves into the sublime joys of life.

Scholar of divination and reader of Angel Cards Sumiran A Kashyap shared that the beauty of life is in learning the art of trusting the signs we stumble upon. This trust comes from a richer and stronger Yog, or Union between the inner self and the outer world.

Ceramic artist Sonia Ramaswamy Dhingra took us through a visual narrative of her favourite pieces, illuminating the connection between the fluid nature of life, and the malleable nature of clay. In doing so, she showed us how Aakriti, or Formation makes new beginnings beautiful, because every new shape and structure carries the potential for endless possibilities.


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